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United States

    George Boldt Castle

    • Village of Alexandria Bay, United States
    • George Boldt Castle$$
    • +1 315-482-9724
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      Boldt Castle is located in the archipelago of thousands of islands in upstate New York and is an important part of the history and tourist attractions of the region.

      Castle began to be built by George Boldt in 1900 for his wife Louise. But after her sudden death in 1904, construction was halted and more than 70 years, the castle was subjected to vandalism and harsh environmental conditions. But in 1977, was bought and started be restored.

      Today, construction partially restored, the style of the building tried to keep in the spirit of the early XX century. Granite walls adorned with decorative details, and also lined the roof.

      On the ground floor there is a museum dedicated to the owners of the castle and the history of the region. Visitors can explore the 120 rooms of the castle, with great views of the surrounding castle gardens. You can also walk paved paths that lead to other buildings. On the grounds of the castle is Power House, which feeds the entire region with electricity, Alster Tower, the tallest building in the region and a gazebo.

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