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    • Times Square, United States
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      At the end of the 20th century bradveyskaya theatrical life dramatically quickened. It turned out that invest in theater can be very profitable. Theaters were built and rebuilt, trying to outdo each other with luxury, magnificence and exotic. Invited actors global values ​​were in their scenes. In the 1900s, the city decided to demolish the outdated building in the area of ​​the current Times Square. A seat like mushrooms grown theater.

      Through an incredibly bright light neon signs this part of Broadway was nicknamed the Great White Way. In addition to fashion plays, theaters tried to seduce the audience with new musical entertainment, it was then and the first musicals. The first Broadway "Musicals" were, in fact, just bright vaudeville numbers, quite devoid of drama. However, the performances on the avenue are not just music; many theater venues are quite serious and dramatic performances - From Shakespeare to Chekhov.

      Of the huge light displays and billboards screaming the names of popular musicals and names mega-stars. Spectators gather closer to eight in the evening in Times Square. Sold out here - the norm, although the average price for Broadway tickets is about one hundred dollars. However, there is one small homely glass braid on the northern circle Times Square, where about half a day to play "throw" neraspradadzenyya "reservation" for half the price. People families flock to the area in search of entertainment and not every taste here there is a spectacle of high professional level.

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