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United States

    The observation deck Grand Canyon Skywalk

    • Mohave County, United States
    • The observation deck Grand Canyon Skywalk$$
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      Grand Canyon world famous and very popular, not only among fans of the Wild West and the beautiful nature, but also scientists, because it rocks and caves, and the canyon itself as a whole - a huge reservoir of knowledge for geologists, archaeologists and biologists. Yet the general public, he is known primarily as a place of unearthly beauty.

      A real gift for visitors of the Grand Canyon was the completion in 2007 of building a horseshoe observation platform, which stands above the canyon twenty meters. Glass (visitors are given special shoes so as not to scratch glass) surface observation deck did not interfere with the review and create a feeling of soaring over the Grand Canyon, allowing heartily enjoy the unique scenery of the place.

      To describe all that can be seen in the Grand Canyon, it is impossible, and each of the many attractions of this unique natural monument worthy of the title of pearls in the world treasury and a separate story. One can only note that Grand Canyon Skywalk - a great opportunity to really feel the unique spirit of this place.

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