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United States

    Niagara Falls

    • Niagara Falls, United States
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      As soon as people tried to fight against the elements and conquer Niagara Falls - jumped down into the barrel without barrel, walked the tightrope stretched over the abyss! Tradition brats who are trying to pass waterfalls and stay alive, began in the 30s of the XIX century.

      Of course, the survivors were subject to a fine, but the victory was worth. If you prefer a more relaxing holiday - Niagara on you, and so there is something for everyone. That there is only one sight turbulent flows come into the abyss! Translated from the Indian name waterfall means "thunder of water." This bolt extends for many kilometers, but next to the waterfall itself can not hear anything.

      Once you get tired of the screen, you can go for a walk in the Botanical Garden, where the world's largest hourglass in Queen Victoria Park with Japanese cherry and peach in the Niagara Glen Nature Park, which is hidden in the depths of the canyon mysterious the world of ancient creatures, or visit the greenhouse and conservatory butterflies.

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