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United States

    The Empire State Building

    • Murray Hill, United States
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      Perhaps, in every major city, there are places that are a sort of identification beacons on which the city finds even one who is there never was. In major US cities, New York, one of these beacons is an internationally renowned Building Empire State Building - the tallest building in the city.

      About the Empire State Building, you can tell a lot. It is worth remembering, for example, that it is the second tallest building in the United States and throughout '41, it was the tallest building in the world. Just Empire State Building - the first building in the world, which has more than a hundred floors, and at first it planned including as mooring mast for dirigibles, from which a number of reasons subsequently had to be abandoned. We may recall that in this skyscraper regularly hosts sporting events for event (the world record of overcoming 1576 steps shall be payable from the first to the eighty-sixth floor, is 9 minutes 33 seconds) and training among firefighters and police officers.

      Talk about the Empire State Building, New York legend, can be long, but better view and the tower itself, and the city at your eyes, what will help observation platforms, located on 86 floors and 102. Of these convenient and practical, like himself, skyscraper, viewing platforms offer view of the city, is especially beautiful at night when the New York poured buds lights of all colors. Skip to such a spectacle, being in New York - a big mistake, because the observation deck on the Empire State Building - part of the general legend of the building, and not visit the living legend ... In short, New York, seen from a bird's flight, waiting for you!

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