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United States

    Disney Animal Kingdom

    • City of Bay Lake, United States
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      With the idea of ​​creating "Animal Kingdom" was first made by Walt Disney himself. The essence of the idea was to create a park where animals could live in their natural environment of its kind. Unfortunately, while Disney did not have the necessary finances, so creating Zoo delayed. It was open well after the death of Disney - in 1998, the year.

      Today, the 500-acre site is home to approximately 2000 species of animals. The structure of the zoo made so that visitors do not bother beasts to their attention. The fact that animals are not limited freedom of movement, so watch them is not so simply. For example, with the onset of heat elephants, lions and rhinos are moving into the rainforest.

      The zoo is divided into thematic areas; three of them are the exotic animals in the other - a whole range of entertainment, including - rafting, walks on animal paths, geysers, dinosaurs and much more.

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